Jan. 31st, 2012

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So, there is a science / Inventor fair in town in upcoming weeks. Toby has wanted to participate, and has been thinking about what he wants to invent and build.

His first new product was a new dog house with a special bell the dog could ring when it was hungry. I told him that was interesting, but encouraged him to brainstorm a bit more. Things we could feasibly build....we talked about inventors seldom going with their first idea.

In truth, it's that I have no idea how to build a doghouse and Morfar is out of town.

In any case, he told me he'd come up with a great list - a list of things that are actually do-able over the one weekend we have semi-available for the job. How cool is that? So, here it is:


Well, what a relief! We should be able to bang out a globe which transports you anywhere on earth at the touch of a finger before swim class on Saturday! Woo!

Truly, I'm not sure how to handle it. I love the imagination, I love the ideas....but what will we DO?

You will recall Jake thinking big with Morfar last year.
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The boys worked with Morfar to build their derby cars...and Toby and Josh participated a few weeks ago. While the car was not, well, overly fast, it did win the "Most Accessorized" category and they had a blast.

In progress:

The result! :)
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We've enrolled the boys in pool school this season. Toby's having a blast learning new things, and diving / jumping off the blocks, and we're hoping this is the time when Jake learns to swim. He's getting much more comfortable going under (without sucking water) and is having fun so we're hopeful. A few pix:


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Claudine, Jake's tooth fairy, has been very busy lately - she's been here THREE times this week!
In this voicemail, Jake describes the way to properly deal with a wiggly tooth.

Jake's voicemail



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