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So, both boys are enrolled in Pool School, and have been since January. Jake is approaching his goals of 1) being comforatable putting his face in the water (check!) and 2) being able to swim, face in, and "pop up" for air. After our Florida trip, he could swim for one breath, but couldn't pop up to get a new breath. You can imagine that is a bit problematic.

In any case, he's getting better - and even moved up a level in class:

Toby has also moved up a level, and is making progress on duration and form....and pool school has a knack for keeping the classes fun.

As you may know, though I've been able to swim since childhood, I didn't get comfortable with my face in the water until a few years ago. I took a class and worked hard to get better so as to be a better example for the kids. (oh, and we have a LOT more fun now too!) I am really thrilled that both boys are already at this level of comfort in the water. Not only will it keep them safer near water, but hopefully it will lead to years of good summer fun!

Date: 2012-04-02 02:47 pm (UTC)
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Great jump, Jake! You just did it! Will pool school be in session during my visit?


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