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Jake has figured it out! He's been doing some steps here & there, but today he put it all together!
He's so very excited and proud - but then again aren't we all?

One view
Another view

Go, Jake!
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We went to a great playground in Lexington - it was *excellent*, absolutely HUGE! A great morning. Then to the mall where Josh & I got replacements for our two very broken watches, and had a light lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM! - they were very good w/ the kids)

At home, we planted the astilbe, staked the andromeda, spread mulch, treated the euonymous, did the grocery shopping, and managed to have a great night with friends over!

Forgot to mention that Jake STOOD UP UNASSISTED for a few seconds yesterday, and cruised from chair to chair (holding on the whole time) today. He almost never stops moving.

In unrelated news, Toby, while wearing Josh's old watch at bedtime, checked the watch and informed us it was "forty pounts of 'wake". And then, as we tucked him in, that it was "forty pounds of sleep."


Jun. 18th, 2006 06:37 am
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Jake has put together how to crawl FORWARD! He can do it for short distances and only if he doesn't think about it too much. : )

He did it first when Auntie was here on Friday (he had to be properly motivated after all!) I did get it on video, but haven't processed it yet.
Here is a good description of Jake's crawling efforts to date.

Here is two other pictures from Auntie's visit:


Apr. 21st, 2006 08:38 pm
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Jake's doing better - finally seems to be responding to the antibiotics. Fingers crossed for some sleep catch-up tonight!

We had a nice visit with Aunt Sarah this afternoon. Toby was hilarious, and Jake shared many smiles (way more than when Sarah came over on Tuesday to give Josh a hand during the day).

Here's a conversation I had with Toby over animal crackers with Auntie:

Toby: "Auntie comed here today!"
Me: "Do you know why?"
Toby: "Yes, I do."
Me: "Why?"
Toby: "Because she loves me."

: D

Other fun language notes for Toby:

Basket = "Bakets" as in "baketsball" or "easter bakets"
Didn't = "dindint"

and, my favorite:

"I need a plenty a more" <- cookies, treats, etc

And, Jake has TWO teeth: both lower front. I'm sure that's been helping his mood these last few days also.
: S
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Also, must note the milestone; Jake has a tooth. Lower front tooth broke through today.
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When I went in to feed Jake this morning at 5:00, he was on his tummy! So sometime between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am he decided to roll! (this is the first time from back to tummy) Very proud, very proud. : )

Other random stuff:

Just when you think you're starting to get your act together, you do something to show that it just ain't so:

Toby wanted a hard-boiled egg for lunch on Saturday. We keep these cooked & in the fridge so I handed him one to peel. (as we know he knows how to) He gave it a good bang, only to discover that I'd handed him a raw egg! D'oh. We all had a good laugh. he thought it was pretty funny.

Sunday morning I came down & opened the fridge to find two containers of yummy sorbet that Josh (though he blames me) put away in there. Sorbet soup anyone? Sad to pour it down the drain...
Toby's latest bedtime-delay tactic:

This one is so cute I know I'm making life harder by entertaining, but I can't help it. So, we'll sing a song, say "Twinkle, Twinkle little star." At the end, he'll hold up a finger and say "Guys, you forgot 'diamond in da sky'!" And we'll have to go back and sing it again, emphasizing the diamond part so he'll hear that we got it.

I know it's just a delaying tactic, but I love it and can't not go back and sing the song over. As usual, we'll have to crack down if it gets out of hand, but for now it's too cute to discourage. -and pretty clever too, no?
Tory update:

It's possible the peeing issue is getting better, probably due to the antibiotics, but the antibiotics themselves are making her pretty sick. We had to cut the dosage in half over the weekend, because she was such a mess. Sick to her stomach, dizzy, not eating. (How do you know a dog is dizzy? Trust me, you know.) -as Josh put it, "you know life's not going quite as you planned when you have to start a load of laundry first thing in the morning to wash vomit off your dog's diaper."

Now she's sort of back to herself, but still throwing up occasionally. (She's practically living in the crate, which is hard on all of us...) We'll be talking to the vet about the antibiotics today 'cause 6 weeks of this would be very tough. It's sadly funny that now a dog who "just" needs to wear a diaper seems downright easy.
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Now that Jake is SIX months old (unbelievable) we thought we'd give him a shot at some rice cereal. I honestly didn't think he'd be interested at all, but he was very eager indeed.

More pictures )


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