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You know the stereotype of the kid learning violin / clarinet who plays on with great enthusiasm, blissfully unaware that it sounds terrible; the squeaking and honking of a rookie on a new instrument.

Well? That is not our Tobias. "Mom, I can't play with a bow. I can't!"
I try to reassure him. "Toby, you're doing well, and the only way to get better is to keep practicing."
Toby: "But Mom, I can't *stand* the SOUND. It's screechy! It's awful! It's like nails on a blackboard, every single note!"

You know, being a very observant kid is sometimes not an asset.

In better news, I got his viola book in the violin version, so now we practice together (me on flute) and I don't have to translate the notes in my head. Aaah, that's better!

Date: 2012-01-12 06:08 am (UTC)
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Laugh out loud! Toby that's an amazing rendition of squeaky viola/violin sound. However, as they say, practice makes perfect! If you love the viola and persevere, the sound will improve. I heard that you were really interested in the cello. It's large but I agree the sound is beautiful. So stick with viola for a while and see what happens. You might be surprised! I took violin when I was in the fifth grade. My problem was bending my wrist around far enough. I quit. Then I started flute in the seventh grade and loved it.


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